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Phrygian Dominant For Composers

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Phrygian Dominant For Composers - Video Course By Robert Davis

Unlock the exotic and intense sounds of the Phrygian Dominant scale with our comprehensive video course, tailored specifically for contemporary composers and musicians. Spanning four in-depth videos, this course offers a robust exploration of one of music's most captivating scales.

Course Features:

  • Detailed Instruction: Dive into 40 minutes of focused lessons on the Phrygian Dominant scale, known for its unique tension and Eastern flavor, used by composers from Rachmaninoff to modern film score artists.
  • Practical Exercises: Master the scale through meticulous exercises designed to enhance your understanding and ear for music, making complex concepts second nature.
  • Progressive Examples: Benefit from 24 royalty-free musical examples that you can incorporate into your compositions. Each example builds on the previous, progressively adding more chords and showcasing techniques such as modulation and chromatic harmony.
  • Bonus Material: Explore additional content on modulation, chord extensions, and some simple chromatic harmony to enrich finality, providing you with tools to manipulate and enhance your musical pieces creatively.


  • Scale Mastery: Gain a deep understanding of the Phrygian Dominant scale, including its chordal structure and the impactful use of color tones such as the b2 and b6.
  • Ear Training: Develop a sharp ear for identifying and employing the distinctive sounds of the scale through practical, music-based exercises.
  • Creative Application: Learn to create musical phrases and progressions using a limited number of chords, enhancing your ability to compose versatile and emotionally resonant music.

Ideal for Composers: Whether you're scoring for films, games, or looking to add a new dimension to your musical works, this course equips you with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to use the Phrygian Dominant scale effectively.

  • Foundation Building: Start with the basics by understanding the unique color tones of the scale—flat 2 and flat 6. Our exercises begin simply, focusing on these tones to help you grasp the distinctive sound of the Phrygian Dominant.
  • Enhanced Ear Training: Develop an acute ear for the scale's exotic properties through targeted listening and melody creation exercises, ensuring these sounds become second nature in your compositions.
  • Comprehensive Chord Exploration: Dive deep into the scale's possibilities by exploring every chord and inversion it offers, increasing your flexibility and creative options in musical settings.
  • Practical Musical Application: Move theory into practice with step-by-step exercises that teach you to craft compelling melodic passages using the scale, making the learning process both educational and enjoyable.
  • Progressive Learning Approach: As your confidence grows, expand into more complex chord combinations and harmonic extensions, which open up new avenues for creative expression.
  • Creative Mastery Techniques: Master the use of inversions and passing tones to enhance the musicality of your compositions, providing you with sophisticated tools to manipulate the Phrygian Dominant scale effectively.

Expand Your Musical Vocabulary: With exclusive insights into chromatic harmony and advanced compositional techniques, push the boundaries of your musical creativity.

Download today and transform your compositional style with the dramatic and dynamic potential of the Phrygian Dominant scale!


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