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Mixolydian Flat 6 For Composers

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Mixolydian Flat 6 For Composers - Video Course By Robert Davis

Master the Art of the Mixolydian Flat 6 scale with our comprehensive 50-minute video course tailored for composers. Dive deep into this mysterious sounding scale with expert instruction, hands-on exercises, and practical applications that will transform your music composition skills.

Course Highlights:

In-Depth Video Instruction:

  • 50 minutes (split into 4 video lessons) of focused content on mastering the Mixolydian Flat 6 scale. 

Royalty-Free Progressions:

  • 27 unique chord progressions available for your compositions.

Harmony and Modulation Techniques:

  • Explore chromatic harmony suggestions, including chromatic mediant shifts.
  • Learn effective modulation strategies to enhance your compositions.

Music Problem-Solving Skills:

  • Develop essential problem-solving skills for tonal mastery.

Chord Efficiency:

  • Maximize musical ideas using just two chords, avoiding the root position rut.

Scale Harmony Mastery:

  • Exercises designed to help you master scale harmony and extension types.

Bonus Material: 

  • Exercise pdfs to go along with video tutorials study methods. 



  • Unique Scale Mastery:  This course provides an in-depth understanding of the Mixolydian Flat 6 scale, equipping you with the knowledge to utilize every single chord effectively. You'll gain proficiency in a less common scale, giving your compositions a distinctive sound that sets them apart.
  • Enhanced Compositional Skills:  Through detailed exercises and practical examples, you will develop essential music problem-solving skills. The course emphasizes creating musical ideas from minimal resources, such as using just two chords, helping you to think creatively and maximize the potential of your harmonic material.
  • Creative Harmony Techniques:  You'll learn new harmony and modulation techniques, chromatic harmony suggestions, modulation avenue suggestions, as well as foundational exercises that can be applied to any genre of music.  

Download this course to not only enhance your theoretical knowledge but also gain practical skills that can be immediately applied to your compositions.

Origins and Basics:

  • Understand the origins of the scale from the ascending melodic minor (the fifth mode) and its application in compositions.
  • Compare different modes and their application in chromatic harmony.

Exercise and Techniques:

  • Step-by-step exercises cycling through fifths, using harmonic and natural minor for seamless integration.
  • Problem-solving exercises designed to build brain muscle memory chops and improve your understanding of the scale.

Chord Extensions and Voicings:

  • Exploration of chord extensions such as flat 7, 9, 11, and flat 13.
  • Practical exercises to understand and apply chord extensions in your music.

Examples and Practical Applications:

  • Royalty-free examples for real-world application, from simple chord progressions to build towards more complex musical ideas.
  • Exercises to develop unique musical statements using the Mixolydian Flat 6 scale.

New Techniques:

  • Techniques for combining small moves and adding chords progressively.
  • Exercises for creating dramatic effects with pedal points and chromatic moves.
  • Variations and problem-solving exercises to develop new musical ideas from simple chord progressions.
  • Chromatic harmony applications and modulation techniques using the circle of fifths.
  • Understanding dominant chords and their resolutions.


This course will provide you with the tools to explore and master the Mixolydian Flat 6 scale. Gain confidence in your ability to create music that stands out with unique harmonies and innovative progressions. Download now and start transforming your compositions with the power of the Mixolydian Flat 6 scale.


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