Instant Moods Vol 1 - Pigments Sound Bank
Instant Moods Vol 1 - Pigments - Dark Softscapes

Instant Moods Vol 1 - Pigments Sound Bank

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Instant Moods Vol. 1 - Pigments Sound Bank

A new world of creativity awaits with Instant Moods Vol. 1 for Arturia Pigments. 135 New Pigments Presets designed to enhance your musical projects, offering a collection of presets that serve as both starting points and layering tools to create immersive soundscapes. 

These patches can stand alone and are great for those on a time crunch to get a cinematic sound and quickly establish a mood.

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Instant Inspiration and Layering

Instant Moods Vol. 1 features patches that can kickstart your musical ideas or layer with existing chords to build a rich, textured wall of sound. Whether you're holding a single note or playing a full chord, these patches adapt and react, adding depth and dimension to your compositions.

Diverse Soundscapes

Explore a wide variety of moods and scales, from shimmery effects and melodic lines to tense, chaotic atmospheres. The presets include whole tone, Lydian, Dorian, augmented scales, and more, offering a variety of possibilities for creative expression. 

Expressive Mood Layers

Designed to be intuitive and powerful, Instant Moods Volume 1 allows you to harness the full potential of Pigments. Use these patches as standalone sounds or combine them with other elements to enhance your sequences. The built-in variations and chord changes provide a flexible framework for exploring new musical ideas.

Custom Samples

Instant Moods Volume 1 includes new custom samples featuring orchestral textures, guitar swells, analog synths, and more. Perfectly suited for Pigments' Sampler Engine and a rich source for the Granular Engine, these samples offer exciting new possibilities for your sound design projects.

Key Features

  • 135+ New Pigments Presets! 
  • Instant Moods: Get inspired quickly with patches that work as both starting points and layering devices.
  • Wide Range of Scales: From whole tone to Phrygian Dominant, explore various musical scales and moods.
  • Custom Samples: Orchestral textures, Guitar Swells, Analog synths, and more.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to complement and enhance your existing collection, these new patches seamlessly integrate with our previous Pigments Film Score Bundle, providing even more options for layering, building complex textures, and creating cohesive soundscapes across your projects.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for enhancing chords, creating melodic lines, or adding shimmery effects to your tracks.

Perfect for Any Genre

Instant Moods Vol. 1 is perfect for musicians and producers looking to expand their sonic palette. Whether you're creating ambient soundscapes, cinematic scores, or modern electronic music, these presets offer a versatile toolkit for all your musical needs.

Expand your Pigments experience with Instant Moods Vol. 1, unlocking new dimensions of creativity to bring your musical visions to life.

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