Universal 120 Volume 2

Universal 120 Volume 2

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A Supernova of Rapture Content

Introducing Universal 120 V2 Rapture Expansion Pack. Featuring sound designer Francesco Silvestri.

800+ Total Programs. Thousands of samples and oscillators.


800+ Total Patches

Velocity, Mod, Aftertouch. Ready.

Basses, Keys, Leads, Pads, Percussions, Sequences, Short-decay, Textures&Atmospheres. These new Rapture programs have been hand crafted to be expressive, playable, and balanced.

550 Envelope Generator Presets

Modulate to your hearts content.

Attack Decay Generators, Attack Release Generators. Instrument Emulation Envelopes for blown, bowed, keyed, plucked, and struck instruments. SG Retrigger and Return Envelopes. Various Shapes, and Stepped Pitch envelopes.


Custom LFOs & Mircro Tunings

Muscial Expression Detailed.

80 custom LFO Waveforms for use as Modulators or pulse oscillators. Optimized Pitch LFOs for Trills, Grace Notes, 4ths, 5ths, and Octaves. 32 micro tunings for breakthrough compositions.



700 Step Generator Sequences

Taking Productions One Step Ahead.

Accented and Straight Rhythms. Sequence Shapes. Stomp Box Sequencer Patterns. Pitch Twisters optimized for Pitch Modulation for single and double octaves. Waveform shapes for smooth and stepped percussive sequences.



Tech Specs

  • 800+ Rapture Programs
  • 500MB Sample Library .wav and .sfz format.
  • 550 Envelope Presets
  • 700 Step Generator Presets
  • 80 custom LFO waveforms
  • 32 Scala Micro Tunings
  • Available as an Direct Download



  • Rapture 1.2.2 or Rapture LE 1.2.2
  • Rapture Pro or Rapture Session

Customer Reviews

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Leighton Cooper
Thanks for keeping Rapture Alive.

Your presets are great Thanks for the efforts. I like your patches in some way more than PlugIn Guru's for omnisphere. They show off what Rapture can really do, which Cakewalks don't always do that. I reccommend these for Raptures.

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