Harmonic Minor Mastery

Harmonic Minor Mastery

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Harmonic Minor Mastery - Video Course

Unlock the full potential of the Harmonic Minor scale with our meticulously crafted video course, Harmonic Minor Mastery.  Dive deep into the harmonic possibilities of this captivating scale, moving beyond its classical associations to explore its rich potential in modern compositions.

Course Highlights:

  • Common Moves to Key Chords: Learn essential harmonic minor moves that lead smoothly to important chords like the tonic or dominant, enhancing your compositional flow and harmonic richness.

  • Efficient Chord Usage: Master the art of creating impactful music using very few chords, maximizing your harmonic material for more efficient and creative compositions.

  • Mastery Exercises: Engage with specially designed exercises that build your mastery of the harmonic minor scale, focusing on both theoretical knowledge and practical application.

  • Free to Use Examples: Incorporate the provided royalty-free musical examples into your own compositions, giving you practical tools to apply what you learn.

  • Pedal Points: Explore the use of pedal points to add tension and release in your music, a technique frequently used to create dramatic effects and enhance harmonic interest.

  • Methodical Learning Steps: Learn through short, methodical steps designed to build your understanding incrementally, ensuring a solid grasp of each concept before moving on.

  • Harmonize Runs and Parallel Chord Melodies: Rediscover the almost lost art form of harmonizing runs and creating parallel chord melodies, adding a unique and sophisticated touch to your compositions.

  • Harmonic Use Over Shredding: This course is focused on using the harmonic minor scale for compositional purposes rather than for fast, technical playing. It's about mastering the scale harmonically from top to bottom, applicable to a wide range of musical styles.

Course Features:

  • In-Depth Video Instruction: Enjoy over 58 Minutes of focused content split into 7 video lessons, each meticulously designed to teach you the intricacies of the Harmonic Minor scale.

  • Pedagogical Approach: Learn through carefully structured, short exercises that build your skills step-by-step, ensuring thorough understanding and retention.

  • Free Royalty-Free Examples: Benefit from 30 included royalty-free progressions and exercises that you can use and adapt in your own compositions, providing practical examples of the theoretical concepts covered.

  • Chord Exploration: Dive deep into the harmonic minor scale's chords and extensions, understanding their roles and how to use them effectively in your music.

  • Creative Harmony Techniques: Discover new harmony techniques, including chromatic harmony suggestions, and pedal point usage to broaden your creative horizons.

  • BONUS: Playful Themes Sketch: This course also includes an playful Harmonic Minor bonus example that uses Course Examples and applies them to a Sketch composition with strings and clarinet.


  • Deep Understanding of Harmonic Minor: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the harmonic minor scale, its distinctive intervals, and its unique sound.

  • Enhanced Compositional Skills: Develop the ability to use harmonic minor in various musical contexts, from creating tension in dramatic scores to adding exotic flavors to your compositions.

  • Practical Application: Immediately apply what you learn through practical examples and exercises, enhancing your ability to compose with confidence and creativity.

  • Unique Harmonic Insights: Learn to harmonize runs and create parallel chord melodies, adding a sophisticated and distinctive touch to your musical works.

This course is designed for composers who want to unlock the full potential of the harmonic minor scale, moving beyond its classical associations to explore its rich possibilities in contemporary music. Whether you're scoring for films, games, or simply looking to enhance your musical vocabulary, Harmonic Minor Mastery provides the tools and knowledge you need to compose with confidence and creativity.

Download the Harmonic Minor Mastery course today and start your path to  transforming your compositions with the power of the harmonic minor scale.


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