Pianet Sample Library
PiAnnette Electric Piano Library
PiAnnette Electric Piano Library
PiAnnette Electric Piano Library

PiAnnette Electric Piano Library

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PiAnnette is a virtual instrument sampled from a Hohner PianetT, a unique electric piano. Pianet’s are known for their classic mellow sound, with excellent mids and high range sweet spots. You can now have the magic combination of unique electromechanical pads and reeds in your favorite DAW. We’ve taken the liberty to add a few modest controls, with focus on keeping the experience authentic to electric piano sounds.


  • Easy PiAnnette is a breeze to use. A no-nonsense approach for a wonderful instrument.
  • Efficient The core engine is lightweight, stable and efficient, with a focus on simplicity and playability.
  • Fun Experience the vintage black vinyl, key noise, and classic electric piano sound in a modern format.


Features and Controls

  • Multiple velocity layers with round robin programming. 
  • Release Layers with control to dial in the perfect amount of clunk. 
  • Custom tremolo implementation faithfully delivers classic tremolo experience. 
  • Musically useful Soft Saturation Drive and Tone. 
  • All controllable with MIDI CC.


A Dedicated Sample Library for sforzando! 

Powered by sforzando

sforzando is a FREE SFZ sample player. Available from Plogue:


The engine has been built from the “ground up” with over 10 years of experience, custom code, and APIs.


Drag and Drop Installation

Installing PiAnnette is breeze. Simply ‘Drag and Drop’ the bank file onto sforzando and you are done! The PiAnnette Presets will appear in sforzando Instrument bank menu.

Have a desktop and a laptop? No problem, install PiAnnette on all of your personal computers.


SFZ Open Format

PiAnnette is delivered in the SFZ sample format. The SFZ Format is widely accepted as the open standard for virtual instruments and sample playback.

Monolithic and DRM FREE! No samples compressed into a single encrypted file, no dongles, and no hassles!


Tech Specs

  • Dedicated sforzando Library
  • 24Bit Samples. Size 350MB.
  • Formats VSTi AU RTAS AAX and Standalone
  • Run in either 32bit or 64bit.


  • PC: Windows XP® or higher
  • Mac®: OS X 10.6.8 or higher
  • CPU: Intel®/AMD® dual core or more
  • RAM: 1GB or more


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