Dynamic Film Score Moods - Pigments Sound Bank
Dynamic Film Score Moods - Pigments Sound Bank

Dynamic Film Score Moods - Pigments Sound Bank

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Dynamic Film Score Moods - Pigments Sound Bank

82 new Pads/Atmos/Moods presets for Arturia Pigments.  A Mood heavy Sound Bank designed to bring new expressive Pigments sounds to your fingertips.  

This Sound Bank started from the concept of taking the style of orchestral sample libraries where you can easily control the dynamics, and apply those programming techniques to Pigments instead.  This sparked out of creating patches for personal use as orchestral composers, bringing in dynamic shifts with synth sounds.  To have more expressive sounds without reliance on automating faders or drawing nodes after recording, it's all right here at your fingertips.  With the goal of having very large sounds when you start to open the mod wheel.  Most of the patches follow a similar logic in this Sound Bank.

Video Introduction:

Designed for Dynamics

Each preset in the collection has been crafted with dynamics in mind. Using the modulation wheel (CC1), you can introduce evolving modulations, crescendos, and fade-ins, allowing for real-time expression that mimics the nuanced control traditionally found in orchestral sample libraries. This dynamic control ensures that your sounds can swell, evolve, and breathe in sync with your musical vision.  

Custom Samples

We've handpicked a diverse selection of custom samples to include - from processed orchestral samples that bring cinematic depth, to the warm embrace of analog synthesizers, the crystal-clear presence of FM pads, and the immersive textures of drones and ambient textures.  We also tossed in a few wavetables featuring waveshapes of our favorite vintage synthesizers. These elements are the building blocks of the sound bank, offering a palette for creative expression and expansion to Pigment’s Factory Samples.

Random Presets Demo:



Audio Track Demos:



  • 82 Dynamic Presets: A rich palette of sounds at your fingertips.
  • Custom Samples: Orchestral textures to analog synths, FM pads, drones, and more.
  • Perfect for Dynamic Expression: Real-time control for evolving soundscapes.
  • Versatile: Ideal for any music genre and mood.

The mood-oriented nature of these presets means there's something for every genre and every emotion you wish to convey. Deep, bright, lush, or mysterious - you'll find evolving sounds that fit your project perfectly.

While Film Score is in the name, there's no boxed-in genre or predetermined style—it's all up to you. This diverse collection of sounds is designed to spark your creativity, encouraging you to see your synth in a new light and explore a myriad of musical pathways. From essential 'bread and butter' patches to more unconventional sounds, these presets are born from pushing the instrument to its limits.


  • Arturia Pigments 5
  • 53MB HD Space for Custom Samples


Customer Reviews

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Truly Cinematic

I might not have discovered Pigments if Robert and fisound hadn't created this sound bank. Great plug-in and these patches are fantastic. Very "film score-ish" and usable. Also very flexible with the macros adding a lot of variation within each patch. I got the Dark Film Scores bank as well and it's just as good.

Another excellent tutorial

This is another excellent tutorial and Pigments library from Robert Davis. I also recommend his Chromatic Harmony course!

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