Dark Film Scores - Arturia Pigments Sound Bank
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Dark Film Scores - Pigments Sound Bank

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Immerse yourself in the depth of cinematic soundscapes with 'Dark Film Scores', a new Sound Bank for Arturia Pigments.  Designed for composers who dare to explore the darker side of Pigments with a theme on film and TV scoring textures. With an broad collection that resonates with the essence of suspense, mystery, and emotion, this sound bank is your key to unlocking the most hauntingly beautiful scores.

Dark Film Scores Sound Bank Details:

78 - Pigments Presets

Quick Run Thru of Some of the Dark Film Score Presets:

Dark Film Scores Walkthru:

Audio Demos:

Each preset is crafted to inspire, helping you to quickly sketch ideas or refine your compositions with sounds that evoke emotion and tell a story.  Here is a list of all of the Dark Film Scores presets if you want to see a breakdown of the categories and types.


Arturia Pigments 5

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Great addition to Pigments 5 soundsets

Robert Davis is an experienced sound designer and composer and has created a great set of sounds for Pigments 5. Also recommend checking out the "Rylee's Nightmare" study score that uses these sounds.

A Must Have

Fantastic Presets for an Amazing Instrument!

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