Orchestration Tricks For Sample Users Sneaky Christmas Elf
Orchestration Tricks For Sample Users Sneaky Christmas Elf
Orchestration Tricks For Sample Users Sneaky Christmas Elf

Orchestration Tricks For Sample Users Sneaky Christmas Elf

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Sneaky Elf Themed Study Score - By Robert Davis

The goal of this Study Score is to demonstrate the power of functional harmony mixed with common film score harmonic devices in a film score setting combined with Orchestration Effects Writing. Learning such things can greatly enhance your sample based mock-ups.

The orchestration techniques included in this Study Score focus on the techniques that were learned from Korsakov, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, and Ravel.  This will help you to do other things besides push the mod wheel and sustain chords. Remember that sample mock-ups are not real representations of an orchestra, they are emulations. Film music does, however, rely on a lot of production, so the orchestration "realism" is less important.


This is a great study score if you are looking for a different style and techniques to utilize in your compositions.  This score relies on Functional Harmony Techniques for the main melody, but also incorporates very typical Western Film Score moves that are not as functional such as trititone shifts, chromatic mediant shifts, etc.  In other words it mixes both functional harmony and typical film music moves which is common in film music.

The goal is to show how very typical functional harmonic formulas when combined with Orchestration Effects can achieve dramatic results for certain moods, characters, emotions, and scenes. The focus is on functional harmony mixed with the incorporation typical film score modulations and chromatic modulation effects with consistent motif use for a powerful and dynamic sound.  Discover how these techniques paired with orchestration motion can bring dramatic depth and emotion to any musical piece.

This Study Score includes video bonus material, study scores, and digital notation content to use this in your favorite DAW or Notation App.

743MB Download Includes:

  • Study Score Tutorial Video, 16 minute Video Lesson Tutorial in .wmv and .mp4 formats.
  • Full Score Concert Pitch in .pdf format
  • Full Score Transposed Pitch in .pdf format
  • Reduction Score / Harmonic Analysis in .pdf format
  • Full Score in MIDI format
  • Full Score Concert Pitch in Music XML format
  • Full Score Transposed Pitch in Music XML format

Some of the Orchestral Effects Highlighted in this Study Score include:

  • Passing Tones
  • Chromatic Neighbor Tones
  • Chromatic Passing Tones
  • Chromatic Mediant Shifts
  • Pizz Strum Effects
  • Harp Gliss & Strum Effects
  • Tritone Shifts
  • Flat 6 Arpeggios
  • vii°/V Chords
  • Implied Chords
  • Chord Planing Parallel Harmony
  • Cadence Echo

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Very useful for us beginner composers and songwriters!

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