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Composer's Mastery Course Bundle

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Composer's Mastery Course Bundle

Unlock the secrets of advanced harmony and elevate your compositional skills with the Composer's Mastery Course Bundle. This comprehensive bundle includes three thoughtfully created video courses by Robert Davis: "Basic Chromatic Harmony," "Phrygian Dominant For Composers," and "Mixolydian b6 For Composers." Together, these courses provide a deep dive into the intricacies of chromatic and modal harmony, offering practical tools and techniques to enhance your musical compositions.

Included Courses:

Basic Chromatic Harmony
   Explore the foundational elements of chromatic harmony with nearly 150+ royalty-free progressions. This course covers essential tonicization chords such as Secondary Dominants, Diminished, Half-Diminished 7ths, Fully Diminished 7ths, Augmented 6th, and Neapolitan 6th chords. With PDF charts and practical examples, you'll learn how to extend beyond diatonic constraints, adding vibrant chord progressions to your musical palette.

  • 21 Video Lessons (3+ hours)
  • 150+ Royalty-Free Progressions
  • PDF Resources for Each Lesson

Phrygian Dominant For Composers
   Delve into the exotic and intense sounds of the Phrygian Dominant scale. This course offers 40 minutes of focused lessons, practical exercises, and progressive examples, guiding you through the unique tension and Eastern flavor of this captivating scale. Perfect for film scoring and adding a new dimension to your music.

  • 4 In-Depth Video Lessons
  • 24 Royalty-Free Musical Examples
  • Bonus Material on Modulation and Chromatic Harmony


Mixolydian b6 For Composers
   Master the mysterious Mixolydian b6 scale with 50 minutes of detailed instruction. This course includes unique chord progressions, harmony and modulation techniques, and exercises designed to maximize your compositional potential. Gain proficiency in a less common scale, giving your music a distinctive and innovative sound.

  • 4 Video Lessons (50 minutes)
  • 27 Royalty-Free Chord Progressions
  • PDF Exercise Guides

Bundle Benefits:

  • Over 5 Hours of Carefully Curated Music Theory Video Courses
  • Foundational and Advanced Harmony: Gain a comprehensive understanding of chromatic and modal harmony, essential for enhancing your musical compositions.
  • Enhanced Musical Expression: Learn to utilize chords outside of the key, adding depth, tension, and resolution to your music.
  • Versatility Across Genres: Apply the principles taught in these courses to various musical styles, expanding your creative horizons.
  • Practical Application: With a focus on practical examples and downloadable resources, you can immediately apply what you learn to your compositions.
  • Creative Expansion: Encourage innovative musical ideas through creative experimentation with unique scales and chords.

Choosing the Composer's Mastery Course Bundle is the smartest way to enhance your musical expertise while saving money. You benefit from significant savings on each product, providing exceptional value for comprehensive, thoughtfully designed music theory education.

Whether you're a seasoned composer or just starting, this bundle offers valuable insights and practical skills to elevate your music. Download the Composer's Mastery Course Bundle today and transform your compositional style with advanced harmony techniques and innovative musical concepts.

Unlock your full potential as a composer and start creating music that stands out with the Composer's Mastery Course Bundle!

Customer Reviews

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Mark Toma
Hands Down, The Best Composing Purchase I Have Ever Made

Before the course I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the augmented 6th working. 1 week with the course and I can move through any of the augmented 6ths chords at will. This course is not only a must for composing, it is also the key to improvisation.

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