OVRDrive Analog Four Sound Pack


Awesome sound pack also for a creative startup on the beats. A must have if you own an A4.

- S!LK


If you have an Analog Four, it would be not-cool to miss out on this pack! Filled with awesome Patches to start tweaking with, highly recommended!

- Dataline

Universal 120 Rapture Expansion

One of the most useful expansion packs I’ve seen for any synth.

– Jeffrey Powell (Wusik Sound Magazine)

very very happy with these new programs for Rapture! some of them i had to quite literally peel myself away from in order to try out the next one

- Wet Dentist

so far unheard and creative, and the sound-design overall is stunning. And the added bonus of the additional data (I especially enjoyed the Filter Sequences so far) does make this expansion a must have.

- Losan

I finally had some time to go thru all the stuff. You guys need help. Doctors, that’s what I mean. Seriously. Otherwise, amazing job.

- René - Rapture Developer, Synth Architect