OVRDrive – Analog Four Sound Pack

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200 New Sounds For Your Analog Four!



  • All Sounds Now Utilize Sound Tags. This makes it easier to search, browse, and find the Sounds you are looking for.
  • 66 New Bonus Sounds. The OVRDrive Sound Pack now includes 200 Sounds total. The new bonus Sounds take advantage of OS 1.1’s new Filter 1 Boost.
  • Improved SysEx Delivery. The OVRDrive Sound Pack is now available as a single SysEx file to install on your Analog Four or Analog Keys. The Sound files have also been grouped by category into single SysEx files to make it easier and faster to install.

Introducing OVRDrive – A4 Sound Pack

Featuring 200 New A4 Sound Presets. A full bank of Sounds separated into 6 categories. ATMOS, BASS, KEYS, LEADS, PERCUSSION, and SPECIAL FX. The OVRDrive Sound Pack utilizes the unique features of the Analog Four Synthesizer to achieve familiar and unfamiliar Sounds. OSC and Sub OSC WAV Modulation, Ladder Filter Overdriven Resonances, Envelope Depth Modulation, LFO Multiplier Modulation, and More. The Analog Four is a very powerful synthesizer with an impressive sonic palette.

A4 OVRDrive
A4 OVRDrive Plock

Analog Percussion – PLOCK Ready

One amazing feature of the Analog Four is to change synth Sound patches per sequencer step. A very useful technique to create expressive and dynamic patterns, especially for Percussion based Sounds. The OVRDrive Sound Pack Percussion Sounds have been abbreviated to fit within the PLOCK Preset LCD window space. A Brilliant feature for total Percussion Sound control.

Sound List – User Guide

Click to download the OVRDrive User Manual and Sound List. The User Guide pdf contains the OVRDrive Sound List as well as Percussion Sound abbreviations reference.

OVRDrive User Manual
FI OVRDrive A4 Sounds

Tech Specs

  • 200 Analog Four Sounds in SYSEX Format
  • Sounds Organized By Sound Category Folders
  • 1.1 BONUS! – 66 Sounds
  • ATMOS – 16 Sounds
  • BASS – 16 Sounds
  • KEYS – 42 Sounds
  • LEADS – 16 Sounds
  • PERCUSSION – 38 Sounds
  • SPECIAL FX – 6 Sounds


  • Elektron Analog Four – OS 1.06 or Higher

OVRDrive Analog Four Sound Pack

Available as an instant digital download from FISOUND for $9.99. Just click to Download.

OVRDrive Sound Pack $9.99

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